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Welcome to Vacuum State

This High End Hi-Fi company was founded in Australia in 1982 by its managing director Allen Wright (1947-2011).
Since 2005 Vacuum State is located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. After Allen Wright's passing the company continues to be run by his wife and his long term partner, who was and is intimately involved in the development of our products.

We hand build ultra quality tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono stages, silver interconnect cables and speaker cables for the true music lover, and perform award winning modification of SACD and CD players.


It has come to our awareness, that there are fakes of our products on the market. They are very difficult if not impossible to recognize as such for the untrained eye and, as we found out, they have flaws in them and do not necessarily work very good. Of course we do not support this fraud. This means for example that you can not get repairs or adjustments or upgrades or else for those fake products through us.

If you intend to purchase a Vacuum State product not directly through us, for example as a "special offer" from some internet market place or a "second hand" offer or else, and if you have the tiniest doubt on whether it really is an original Vacuum State item or not, you can ask us. Our technician is intimately familiar with every single of our products, and we can help you check whether the offered item is clean or not. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

Our latest Newsletter with info on

* two better SACD/CD players than the SCD-1
* the amazing OPPO BDP-83 and 83SE
* our ground breaking 150 watt poweramp
* the first non oversampling Music Server

Download the Newsletter August 2010 as PDF (1,1MB) here

Our RTP3D Preamplifier

New Review out

Patrick Kennedy has reviewed our big Preamplifier in the well renowned online
Hifi magazine SixMoons and states for example:
"No other preamp I've heard matches the microdynamic capabilities of the RTP3D. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's an 11. The nearest competitor is the Lyra Connoisseur 4.2SE with a score of 9. And the Lyra Connioseur is head and shoulders above the rest. So the RTP3D in my book has no peers on dynamic and especially microdynamics ..."

Read his compete review:

Terra Firma: Our latest development in SACD Upgrades

Our February 2009 Newsletter presents you two big, new, and long awaited items:
The Terra Firma "ÜberClock" and the Terra Firma "Lite". Download here (PDF 600k) .

A first enthusiastic Review on it:

Another enthusiastic review, written by Mark Höpfl under

Now Karl Lozier writes in "The difference in many recordings is the greatest difference ever in my memory for an upgrade or modification of any component. ... I must give Allen Wright's newly developed Uber Clock my absolutely highest recommendation as easily the finest, most natural sounding upgrade or modification to any audio component in my audio listening experience ..."

D.S. from Maryland discusses his personal experience with player upgrades and, reporting on his upgrade to Terra Firma Lite, comes to the conclusion "... jaw dropping would be an understatement ..." Read his full story (PDF 600k)

Geoff Metralla has visited us twice and listened to our system, incl. the Terra Firma upgrades (Lite and ÜberClock). After his first visit he happily states "... it was a humbling experience ... So while I understand the reservations regarding "sales talk", some also walk the walk". After his second visit he is keenly giving a detailed report on his experience on the Hi-Rez Highway. Please read his full writeup (PDF 600k).

Vacuum State Newsletter 2008

Download our September 2008 Newsletter:

Our DPA-300B Poweramps

Equipment Review by Roy Gregory

"... this is no ordinary amplifier ... an almost spookily realistic presentation ... no sense of anything between you and the performers ... the most natural and easily audible reproduction of jazz bass I've ever heard ..."

These are just a few of Roy Gregory's enthusiastic statements on our DPA-300B monobloc power amps in his detailed equipment review in HiFi Plus, Issue 66.

Download his complete review (PDF 700k) here.

Further recent Reviews:

On our audio cables

This is Adam Goldfine's conclusion in his review about our interconnect and speaker cables in Issue 40 of Positive Feedback Online. He states:

"I can safely say that I have a good sense of the difference cables make in general and what one can expect going from a modest cable to a mid level cable to a top flight cable ... The magnitude of difference the VSE cables made in my system was on the order of what one should expect from the best cables available."

Read his complete review

On our SVP-2 and our audio cables

The September issue of HiFi plus magazine contains a great review of our SVP-2 preamp by the very well renowned Roy Gregory.
He writes: "... Looking for shortcomings you'll need to compare the SVP-2 to the very best (and most expensive units) out there..."

Download his whole review (PDF 600k) to read more

In the same issue Roy Gregory also writes about our Silver Wire interconnect and Copper Foil speaker cables:
"... No matter what system I used them with, these cables came as a breath of fresh air. Clean, quick, open, detailed and dynamic, as soon as the music started you found yourself relaxing and forgetting about their performance, focusing instead on THE performance. ..."

Download his full review (PDF 600k) to read more

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