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in our Online-Shop you will find our "smaller" products and items, which you can order and pay directly online. Please be aware of our General Terms and Conditions for this Online-Shop, in particular if you order from a country outside Switzerland. You find them below on this page and you have to agree to these before your order becomes valid.

As our website has been redesigned recently we have found that there are still items missing which will be added to the shop in time. If you are missing an item in the offer of our Online-Shop, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our "bigger" products are available from us direct and/or our worldwide agents. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information, for listening possibilities, prices, delivery time etc. on those products. We welcome your enquiries.

In order to visit the Online-Shop, please choose a shop category to display the products!


Terms and Conditions for our Online-Shop

Purchasing Contract and Cancellation:

The purchasing contract is fully valid from the moment the order is placed in the Online-Shop and cannot be withdrawn from.

Delivery time:

Delivery of the ordered goods is arranged in agreement with the order placed by the client, usually within the following 2 - 10 business days. But there is no legal right for demanding immediate and / or complete delivery in case if the ordered article is currently out of stock.

Right of Withdrawal:

Vacuum State GmbH retains the right to withdraw from the purchasing contract for articles that can not be provided any longer, or which got excluded from the offers of the Online-Shop. In this case the client will of course be refunded the full price of his order.


The prices published in the Online-Shop are valid, and to these will be added the prices for packing and shipping. The mode of transport and therefore also the costs of transport can, within the realm of our possibilities, be chosen by the client. All handling, packaging and posting fees are to be paid by the client.

Terms of Payment:

The due payments for orders from the Online-Shop are automatically being charged to the client's credit card. All payment transactions for this Online-Shop are made via credit card.

Limitation of Liability:

Vacuum State GmbH has no liability whatsoever for any inadequate usage of their products, all liability is on the side of the user. This applies to wrongly assembled kits, misunderstanding or misinterpretation of building manuals, book chapters etc., as well as to any negative outcome or damage caused with our goods by the client through either carelessness, negligence or through over-estimating his own construction abilities or similar reasons. Furthermore Vacuum State is not accepting any liability for products which might carry the name of Vacuum State, but which have not been purchased directly from Vacuum State GmbH.

Risk of Transport:

Vacuum State GmbH is addressing the ordered goods with the shipping address given by the client, and hands them to the transport means chosen and paid for by the client. At this point of handing out the parcel or letter to the chosen transport company, Vacuum State GmbH has fullfilled its part of the purchasing contract. Vacuum State is not taking responsibility for delayed deliveries or parcels not arriving, and also not for wrong address information given by the client.

International Deliveries:

If the order goes to a country outside Switzerland, it can be subject to the custom fees and import duties of the country to which the order is shipped. These charges vary from country to country (e.g. VAT of a country) and are never part of the purchasing price. Those fees are always and fully the recipient's responsibility.
Furthermore the recipient is fully responsible for following all import regulations of his country, and for making sure that the usage of the received product is in accordance with the laws and safety regulations of his country.
By placing his order with us the recipient/client from other countries than Switzerland is becoming the official importer of the ordered goods into his country, and it is within his responsibility to follow all laws and regulations of this recipient country concerning this import and usage of the product.
If a client refuses the reception of the goods because of those regulations or because of any complications arising from this import, and has the parcel or letter go back to the sender, at least all handling costs of this whole procedure have to be paid by the client, even if the parcel or letter is arriving without damage and in good shape back at Vacuum State.

Complaints and Warranty:

Rightful complaints for damages in the product or for missing parts in a delivery will be corrected if the damage was caused or the mistake was made by Vacuum State GmbH, as long as the complaint is made known to us within 10 days from reception of the delivery.
For those products subject to a warranty this warranty is limited to correction, repair or replacement of the product itself, and applies only if the cause for the damage in the product is on the side of Vacuum State GmbH, and the warranty never lasts longer than 24 months.
Our warranty never includes the involved transport costs or any other customs or other import and export fees; those are always and fully paid by the client.

Applicable Law / Court of Jurisdiction:

Only Swiss law is applicable to this contract. Court of jurisdiction is Schaffhausen.

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