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The Vacuum State CookBooks

Allen Wright, the founder and managing director of Vacuum State is also
the author of two very well received books:

"The TubePreamp CookBook" and "The SuperCables CookBook".

Both of them allow you a deeper insight into his thinking and philosophy, but they also allow you to improve your own Hifi system to increasing sound quality with sometimes quite easily applicable methods, which lead to often stunning good results.


The Tube Preamp CookBook

On the market since 1995 and continually inspiring people. Nine chapters of hard won practical advice in designing, building and modifying tube preamps of all types, from simple to stunning...

Basic Philosophies
Building Blocks
Circuit Modules: Active
Circuit Modules: Passive
The SuperReg
A Tale of Two Preamps
Mods and Maybe's

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Now in its Second Edition

Allen's intuitive grasp of the subject allows him to explain in everyday language, rather than try to make arguments look impressive with reams of unnecessary mathematics or obstruse gobbledegook. However, this book could cause a few problems for both those "new to electronics", as well as boys from the old school
as Maxwell Smart would say: "Sorry