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The SuperReg Kit

The Vacuum State SuperReg is an hi-voltage regulator for use in tube preamps, phono stages, poweramp front ends, and other lowish power applications where the absolute highest sonic qualities are required.

As described in itís own chapter in the TubePreamp CookBook, the SuperReg uses a high voltage adjustable current source feeding a high voltage adjustable shunt regulator, this unique SuperReg topology has been proven to sound considerably better than any form of series regulation when used with signal handling circuits.

  It offers millivolt levels of output regulation, extremely low noise, and a wideband output impedance circa 10 milliohms.  
  It can be adjusted to your exact voltage requirements between 100 and 400 VDC, and supply up to 100mA into your circuits. 400V is the maximum safe voltage limit of the components used, but much more current can be obtained